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Board Game Geek
This is an excellent site for anyone who enjoys board games, from design to review to play.

Board Game News
As a designer and a player I'm often surprised at the range of ways a game can be bad, but the reviews on this page emphasis mechanics and experience, two of the largest components to any game.



Decent Article/Discussion prefaced with "You designed a game, now what?"

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper as PDFs, downloads as PDF which you can then print great for making prototype game tokens.

Making Game Counters,  a do-it-yourself article.

Spiel Material - A UK source of 'euro-game' game bits and tokens, be aware of shipping costs.

List of Links for the Designer or Manufacturer of Board Games. An extensive list of links covering, Manufacturers of Game Parts, Cards and Boxes, Game Makers for Your Whole Game, Distributors, & Other Information. Please know that even if the Delano website works they are no longer in business.

Game Box Packaging

All Packaging - This is a great source of either ideas, or confidence that no matter how odd your game board or component a box can be made to fit it.

The Box Co-Op - Another and alternative site, with more usual products but it's interesting how many options are available for packaging.

Game Crafter's - A site dedicated to publication of your own games.


Publish your Game

Game Crafters - Getting Started - This is not the same as signing up with a major label, but your margins could be better, still if your willing ot market your game outside of this site, it could work. Also can get you superior prototypes.


Complete Proposals

Imagigrafx - some well qualified employees from DeLano now work here.

Paragon Packaging - Website shows samples of previous games produced.

Z-man Games. - They have in house designers.



FRED Distribution of games in the US.