Virgins Overview

In Virgins you play the Lord of two villages with a Dragon living near by!

The local Dragon has agreed not to burn down your villages if you provide the sacrificial Virgin or two. You play the Lord of two villages, and as Lord you choose which villagers stay and which villagers travel.

So send any Strapping Youths, the Bad Boy, and that on-so-romantic Musician off to another player's village! And don't forget to keep the Sheriff in a friendly village to keep the peace and if you can, make sure the Bartender only gets the Blacksmith drunk!

So, for the good of your villages you've got to keep your Virgins – uh, virgins. Because if at the end of a round there are no virgins to sacrifice the dragon does what dragons do best! burning villages and gobbling everyone up – even you!


Designer David Hampton
Publish Date July 24, 2011
Players 3 - 4 players
Game Play

15 - 30 minutes

Type Card Game
Genre Fantasy
Theme Dragons
Setting Medieval
Audience Casual Gamer