Bards! Bring It!

Become a Bard. Sing, dance, see the world!

  • Show off your singing skillz!
  • Show off your dancing skillz!
  • Laugh at your friends!

Perspective Games created a Bardic Role Playing game as part of Game Crafter's RPG Challenge Contest. Designed around a Bardic contest, the game consists of character cards, plot cards, trait cards and story cards. Each player would be dealt a random hand of cards and then put together a "tall" tale from the cards.

Terbish KhanzadaThere are 10 different bard characters ranging from a barbarian named, Terbish Khanzada to Esmeralda, from the Northern Dwarven Empire. You can see all the bards here. Plot cards provide an overarching topic for the story, such as, "a mining town was found recently abandoned."

Esmeralda Though they often have funny twists, as well, "the last known visitor was a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman."

Trait cards provide your bard's characteristics and the story, or scroll, cards have magical items, interesting places and people, and famous - or is that infamous - quotes. For example, your story cards could be a dragon, a wizard, a fighter, and a tavern...  "So, a dragon, a wizard, and a fighter walk into a tavern..."

You score points by using your story cards and get extra points for guffaws and groans!