New Virgin Expansion!

Working on prototyping cards for a new Vrigin Expansion. If you see any typos or obvious issues, give a shoutout.



Ninja Poetess

One of my more favorite character cards, Namiko, the Ninja Poetess.

Ninja Poetess in Bamboo Forest (thumbnail)

Change of Pace

And now for something completely different.  Planets!



More planets over at Google+  (You might have to have a google account to see them though. Sorry, them's the rules, but I didn't make them.)




In the Bards game we named the Songstress Samara Safiya. Besides the silly alliteration, I liked the softness of the name. However, when I colored her in she looked rather dark and ominous.That seemed to harsh so I have added a more cheerful background and the cartoon filter in Gimp.

Traveling Songstress small


And here is the Barbarian Bard Terbish Khanzada. Terbish is Mongolian by the way. It means "Not that one". Read more at: Mongolian Travel Guide website. Fixed a few errant pixels.

New Terbish Khanzada The Barbarian Bard

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