Play Testers

The Grid play tested with the help of Lindsey Bell and Travis Watkins, last quarter 2013.

Early in 2009 I was able to attend a play tester’s board game group which had very constructive and critical examination of Agrosium... that session ended up creating a new rule set, additional purchase options and details regarding the effects that cities can have. 2009 SoCal Game Testers: Norv, Martin, David, Aaron.

In January of 09 I took Agrosium to Protospiel West and encountered Martin of Evertide Games and others, Agrosium one change that came out of that session was that the number of characters in Virgins was increased.

Anne Marie O'Sullivan play tested Agrosium, and Virgins in 2008 and agreed that it has macro 'economic elements and volunteered to play it again.

In 2008 there was a group playtest of Agrosium with Leona Wong, Jim Hung, Shana and Shawn (whose last name escapes me), and Marissa Oshige. As all were new players to the game, their positive feedback encouraged me to take the game to Protospiel in 2009.

Travis Watkins has play tested Agrosium and Rain Delay in 2007 and in 2008. He provided very detail oriented feedback on the grounds of target audiences and marketability. In addition, Travis Watkins has play tested Virgins as early as 2008 and was a great help in developing the game.

Lindsey Bell play tested Virgins and Agrosium in 2008. Both times providing feedback regarding the fun and appeal of the various games, improvements ensued (and so did fun).

Michael Ramsey has play tested the following games: Agrosium and Rain Delay in there inceptions in 2007, gave very specific comments regarding the difficulties of the tokens and play order. Immensely helpful!

Melinda Morelli has play tested the following games: Agrosiumin and Virgins multiple times over 2008 and 2009, providing excellent feedback. She excels at feeding Dragons.

John Marshall has play tested the following games: Agrosium and Virgins in 2008 and 2009 providing excellent feedback and is a great challenge as an opponent.

In 2007 Alison Pharis play tested Agrosium, and managed to beat the designer and his friends proving that the game was at least not incomprehensible to others!